The next day the touchpad was back to its usual broken ways, even though the drivers were still installed and everything was still configured correctly. I was afraid to do anything that would prevent me from getting to the door in under half a second—with the way my luck was going, that would be the exact moment my usual FedEx delivery guy would show up. We have noticed a significant amount of systems returned for the missing keystroke problem have been fixed with the above procedure in early testing and this new BIOS has solved further problems. Do you already have an account? I should have my new laptop the Friday before Icrontic St. When I lift my wrist, relieving the pressure from the case, the touchpad sometimes resumes normal function.

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The Icrontic community is strong, and the readership her is pretty vast, but the company can still recover from this ordeal before the same story pops asus g73jh touchpad again on a bigger site where millions of people will read it within a day.

On Tuesday I was called and told that the replacement motherboard had asus g73jh touchpad installed. I made arrangements with the office so I could be at home waiting for the delivery…and what a painful wait it was.

The second problem is that moodpad sees only the V touchpae of my movement and display the movement on the far asus g73jh touchpad on the square.

G73JH Touchpad fixed….

Your name or email address: I had no problems for several months after fixing the sticky tape problem but after a factory reset they returned and the ssus synaptics drivers tweaked seem to have fixed it again. I was heading up to Detroit to hang out with the Icrontic crew and it would have been great to have my new laptop.


Touchpad H73jh is what happens with my asus g73jh touchpad. We have noticed a significant amount of systems azus for asus g73jh touchpad missing keystroke problem have been fixed with the above procedure in early testing and this new BIOS has solved further problems. This experiences tells me I’ve made the right choice After about a minute the problem went away. The laptop would definitely get shipped that day.

ATK – Version V1. Don’t know if this is helpful or not, but I thought any data given to Asus about azus might help. Good luck with fixing it. The next day the touchpad was back asus g73jh touchpad its asus g73jh touchpad broken ways, even though the drivers were still installed and everything was still configured correctly.

How to solve touchpad problems with the ASUS G73Sw

The Blu-ray burner would be transferred from the old laptop into the new one. With moodpad I see 2 things, sometimes moodpad register the movement but the mouse doesn’t move in windows.

Your story, as well as asus g73jh touchpad own, is why I will never be buying another laptop from a Taiwanese company.

Sometimes, however, even with my wrists both held high off the case, the asus g73jh touchpad still fails in one of two modes: To make a long story short, I pulled all of the tape off and to also ensure that the touchpad wasn’t touching anything else on touvhpad interior of the case I put a couple of pieces of foam tape in the case around the touchpad not touching, just asus g73jh touchpad prevent the touchpad internals from touching the chassis.

I would get the placebo effect and the touchpad might work reasonably well for a while, but it never lasted long.


Finally, on Thursday evening I got a call that once and for all assured me that the laptop would be delivered Friday afternoon. This is a Sandy Bridge system, and a check was being done to make sure a B3 chipset was present—the original chipsets asus g73jh touchpad an g73mh with the SATA 3.

At my wits end. This is an embarrassment for ASUS. After doing that though and removing the cloth tape around the touchpad, I was still experiencing issues.

ASUS G73jh Touchpad Palmrest 13n0-h3a0a01 13GNY81AP | eBay

We will then contact you for additional information or service. Bad RAM should never asus g73jh touchpad make it to the support bench, just for starters. Do a complete uninstall of the AMD Video drivers and then install the Nick Mertes 28 Mar, at 5: Finally ASUS acknowledged that this touchpaf was an irredeemable lemon.

Asus is dropping down the list in my books. No worries though, someone would be in the next day to ID the board and things would move quickly.

The laptop returned and after a few minutes of 7g3jh, things seemed exactly the same as asus g73jh touchpad were when asus g73jh touchpad was sent in. Initially, I just popped out the front 3 screws on the bottom edge so I could pop the touchpad up enough to get a look beneath it. I see movement on the touchpad where it should be, but the cursor doesn’t move It appears to me that this may be two different problems, not just one.