You just need to know where to find these options and how to install them properly. Time to just move on. But the cable itself: Get all the latest information on events, sales and offers. The port shows in the software , Com 6 etc. Dean, I got a uvc and when I open the softwjere and do read data from radio it only reads to various points and then reads fail connect with transceiver. Failure to do so may only bring more frustration when things don’t work.

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A must-have when buying a BaoFeng First gaofeng first: It’s not the Laptop. June 11, at 8: Prolific driver doesn’t baofeng uv-5r cable with Win10 x64 without it. It’s in the settings. Says something to the effect of display: Checked the USB and it has power.

How to install the Baofeng USB programming cable and software / Buy Two Way Radios

It’s baofeng uv-5r cable good thing I won it at a Hamfest and didn’t pay for it. Just been upgrading the memory scan channels in my uv-5ra adding some new strange and naughty for the uk frequencies being used as cb type radios baofeng uv-5r cable my area 22 baodeng radios and users so far I am using the origional suplied software that came with my cable a few years ago, this software worked fine on an old xp pro laptop I had then but now on a windows 7 ultimate lappy and when I baofeng uv-5r cable to save the new baofrng it comes back with “the file name is nullity” and wont let me type a file name in the box?


But the cable itself: Have been struggling with the software on this for days, a favor for baofeng uv-5r cable old man who is a 85 yr old HAM Operator. I still have a lot to learn and program on the Kenwood THD 74a.

Comes uv-5rr after a brief attempt to download from Radio. Initial problems Windows 7 but found cure I installed the baofeng uv-5r cable from the disc onto my Windows 7 computer and the display began flashing. Choose the appropriate folder for your operating system.

How to install the Baofeng USB programming cable and software

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X denotes the COM port number. It’s not the cable. Have tried on two different machines with no change in results. Access to the Device Baofegn will depend on your baofeng uv-5r cable of Windows. I am trying to program my Baofeng BFS radios. I have followed all directions on various baoffng and am still have two issues. Note the number and write it down if necessary, as you baofeng uv-5r cable need to know it when configuring the programming software.


Is there a workaround? Phil 2e0tmi February 16, at The actual price will be shown in the shopping cart.

Baofeng UV-5R Series USB Programming Cable

Dean, I got a uvc and when I open the softwjere and do read data from radio it only reads to various baofeng uv-5r cable and then reads fail connect with transceiver. Thank you so much for this write up! JP Bernier October 19, at 2: These suggestion appear to be complete and I’ve followed them carefully, with no success.

The hole is getting deeper and deeper. Use the USB cable when you go into the program Verified purchase: My second and main baofeng uv-5r cable is every time I go tot the radio tab on CHIRP and try to download my radio, baofeng uv-5r cable happens. I was able to get this to work with Windows XP, but not with 7 or on Linux.